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Fruity Freddie Farms provides authentic Bahamian fruit products of the highest quality using the finest organically cultivated fruits from our farms.

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Fire Freddie’s Goat Pepper Sauce is a blend of ripe habanero/scotch bonnet peppers, and a special mixture of island spices. The special recipe was perfected over several years. The result is a pepper sauce with the right amount of heat, plus the addition of flavor. It is fabulous on foods by itself or can be used as a cooking ingredient in numerous dishes. Abaco’s most popular and favorite pepper sauce.

Sizes: 1.7oz sampler, 5oz, 10oz, 750ML (for the busy kitchen or the serious ‘pepper junkie’)

The rich pulp of tropical guavas, combined with our natural ingredients, has resulted in this special-blend, sweet aroma guava jam. Try in all by itself, on fresh bread or in jam infused recipes.


Sizes: 1.7oz sampler, 8oz, 12oz

The Hot-Honey Habanero Pepper Jelly is a tastebud sensation – tropically sweet but with the right amount of heat that kicks in at the end. It is terrific on grilled food such as fish, chicken, pork, cracked conch & lobster. Spice up some homemade bread, crackers, cheeses, salads and yes, even ice cream. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sizes: 1.7oz sampler, 8oz, 12oz

What can we say? This is a wonderful flavor of The Bahama island Eleuthera – the island of the Annual Pineapple Festival. Your palate will explode with the vibrant barbecue sauce. Luscious!

Sizes: 12oz

The #-1 Barbecue Sauce at the 2011 Bahamas Agri-Expo, this barbecue sauce uses only the yellow, juicy, sweet, native Bahamian mangoes – a beautiful barbecue sauce for any occasion. Be careful though, it can be addictive.

Sizes: 12oz

Processed with the same basic ingredients as our award-winning Mango Madness Barbecue Sauce, but with the heat of our locally grown and sun-ripened habanero peppers – are you ready to take your barbecue to a new level of spicy?

Sizes: 12oz

One of the most versatile fruits on the planet, the coconut embodies what the tropics are all about – why not enjoy it at home. Your barbecue will never be the same. The aroma alone will make the difference. Open the taste of a coconut in your kitchen.

Sizes: 12oz

Fresh, Healthy, and Nutritious Greens grown hydroponically. Includes lettuces, Swiss Chard, spinach, broccoli leaves, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Additionally, herbs such as parsley, basil, cilantro and sage are some the spices grown.

Decadent and indulging. Fruity Freddie Farms homemade fruit-cheesecakes will satisfy any desire for that tropical sweet tooth. Pamper your tastebuds with the lush tastes of sweet potato (boniato), pineapple, guava, prickly pear (cactus), pumpkin-coconut, mango, banana and even sea-grape. What better way to end a scrumptious Bahamian meal!

The refreshing, lemony fragrance of the Fever Grass Iced Tea will quench any thirst on a hot, humid day of activities in or around the marine environment. The leaves of the lemon grass also have natural pharmaceutical properties against elevated body temperatures, depression, lack of energy, tension, and gastric ailments.

This is a 3-piece set (1.7oz each). Great for traveling as a carry on. Sample set of Fire Freddie’s Goat Pepper Sauce, Hot-Honey Habanero Pepper Jelly and Special-Blend Guava Jam – all in a beautiful, beach-decorated package that sits in a locally made miniature straw bowl.
Awesome Abaco souvenir gift item for family and friends back home.

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Fruity Freddie Farms

We are a 100% Bahamian owned, farm-based business located in Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas.  As a member of the North Abaco Farmers Association (NAFA), we specialize in the growing of indigenous Bahamian Fruit Trees, the production of high-quality Bahamian Added-value Processed Fruit Products, as well as the production of Natural Fresh Greens in our Hydroponics System.

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To produce authentic bahamian fruit products of the highest quality using the finest organically cultivated fruits from our farms.

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To provide viable, alternative, bahamian produced fruit products of the highest quality for consumers locally and in the tourist sector.


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Fruity Freddie Farms is located in Treasure Cay, Abaco Island, The Bahamas.


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